Portal Escape Rooms - Red Scare
1 Hour
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Red Scare

Details: This is an immersive escape room centered in a Soviet BioTech facility! It will include full audio and video immersion throughout the experience. This will be a multi-room adventure, meaning you will have to solve puzzles in each room in order to unlock doors to advance to the next room in the adventure. Click the button above to schedule your adventure.

Price: All of our Adventures are Private so that only you and your team get to experience them. Bookings are based on a Tiered Pricing structure depending on your team size. Groups of 3-6 are $180 total. Teams of 7-8 players are $30/player. This adventure requires a minimum of 3 players.

Story/Additional Information

The year is 1967, the height of the cold war. The Soviet Union and The United States are competing in an experimental arms race and developing terrifying new weapons. If these weapons should fall into the wrong hands, it could lead to armageddon. You and your team are test subjects in a strictly classified Soviet experiment. Your only objective is to escape the test facility alive! Good luck.

The Red Scare is our first suspense/thriller adventure, so we recommend it for players over the age of 15 (parental discretion advised). This is also Portal’s first escape room that features live actors. The story revolves around players attempting to escape a Soviet BioTech facility during an ensuing zombie outbreak.