Portal Escape Rooms - Tokyo Heist
1 Hour
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Tokyo Heist Room

Details: This is an immersive escape room centered in downtown Tokyo! It will include full audio and video immersion throughout the experience. This will be a multi-room adventure, meaning you will have to solve puzzles in each room in order to unlock doors to advance to the next room in the adventure. Click the button above to schedule your adventure.

Price: Private Reservation for up to 8 Players for a fixed $200 ($25/Player for a group of 8).
Individual Pricing available for smaller groups: $30/Adults(Ages 13+), $30/Children(12 & under). For groups of 8 players, choosing a private reservation is the most economical as it is a fixed $200.

Difficulty: While this room is marked as having an advanced difficulty, it is not exponentially more difficult than the Outlaw of El Paso or Tomb of the Gods; It just requires more teamwork. Even if this is your first escape room experience, you can still complete this adventure within the time limit.

The Story

Our target is Haruto Nakamura, one of the wealthiest company owners in the city. His recent business dealings have disrupted our operations in the black market. It’s nothing personal, but we can’t tolerate any more interferences. Boss has selected you to handle this job, I’ll be on the line to help you through it. He wants this to be done quickly and without error. I should remind you, Boss doesn’t accept failure. If this job goes sour, it will be the end for all of us.

Good luck,

David Grey