Portal Escape Rooms - Tomb of the Gods
1 Hour
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The Tomb of the Gods

Details: This is an immersive escape room centered in the Jungles of Mexico! It will include full audio and video immersion throughout the experience. This will be a multi-room adventure, meaning you will have to solve puzzles in each room in order to unlock doors to advance to the next room in the adventure. Click the button above to schedule your adventure.

Price: All of our Adventures are Private so that only you and your team get to experience them. Bookings are based on a Tiered Pricing structure depending on your team size. Groups of 3-6 are $180 total. Teams of 7-10 players are $30/player. This adventure requires a minimum of 3 players.

Options: Have a group of 11 or 12? You can add an additional 2 players to an adventure of 10 to bring the capacity to 12 players. $30 for each additional player.

The Story

An ancient Aztec temple has been discovered deep in the jungles of Mexico. Nakamura Industries, a rapidly growing natural resource company, has contracted an expedition to explore the site. Dr. Wolff, a world renowned and beloved archaeologist is leading the mission. It’s been a week since our last communication from the team. Something odd is going on in that jungle and we are sending you in to solve the mystery. Find Wolff, but be careful! Who knows what lies inside those ancient and forgotten walls.

Good luck,

-Anna Robin