Portal Escape Rooms - Gift Cards

Gift Cards

If you want to treat your friends and family to an adventure at Portal, you can click the button below to purchase e-gift cards!

We offer the ability to purchase any amount of credits based on your individual needs and group size.

Purchasing these gift cards will send you and your gift recipient an email with their personal gift card code and necessary instructions for redemption.

You can redeem your gift card by entering your code during the payment phase of any online checkout on our website.

If you are having trouble redeeming your giftcard, please call us at 541-780-6180.

All of our Adventures are Private so that only you and your team get to experience them.

Bookings are based on a Tiered Pricing structure depending on your team size.

Our original adventures are priced as follows: Groups of 3-5 are $150 for a private group. Groups of 6 are $180. Teams of 7-10 are $200-$250 for a private group ($25/player best value).

Portal Mansion pricing is $30/player for groups of 5-10.

Red Scare pricing is $30/player for groups of 5-10. Groups of 3-4 are also allowed for a flat rate of $150.

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